American Popular Sovereignty; A guide to restoring participatory government and achieving remedy


Welcome to APS Education! My name is Randall White. I am the author of American Popular Sovereignty, which is a contemporary civics textbook written from a populist perspective. Populists believe that government should serve the interests of ordinary working-class people. The title is abbreviated as APS, which is where my publishing company, APS Education, get its name. 30 pages of the book are posted on the APS Education website ( ) to facilitate viewing the chapter titles, the diagrams, and two of the 125 chapters, which altogether provide the reader with a truly enlightening, useful, practical and empowering civics education. This video is the first in a series where we will be reading the chapters. In this particular video, we are reviewing the cover, front and back, and explaining why I wrote the book. You and your family and friends are all invited to join us as we study American civics, and learn about our public powers and how to use them!